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Birth Mother Benefits

ABC Adoption Agency ensures you receive all the assistance needed during the time of your pregnancy and after your pregnancy (post recovery- normally up to six weeks). Contact us confidentially for more information on the following services:

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Assistance with medical expenses not covered by Medicaid

Medical Care


Travel expenses for transportation necessary to support the 

pregnancy, such as gasoline or bus fares to medical appointments or the grocery store. We are able to provide Uber assistance as well.



We provide counseling and support for the whole process and post-adoption. 

24/7 Support


We provide you with resources to obtain housing, daycare, education, job training, and other public aid


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Able to provide assistance with rent for birth mother and minor 

children. (Electricity, water and telephone bills).

Housing Expenses plus Utilities

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: Any expense met by a birth mother’s existing resources;  Any expenses supporting other family members, with the exception of the birth mother’s minor children who are living with her;  Any expenses for recreational and leisure activities;  The purchase of an automobile.

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