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Adoptive Family Services



Basic Agency Requirements:


Prospective adoptive parents must:


    1.    Demonstrate a capacity to give and receive affection;

    2.    Be able to provide for a child’s physical and emotional needs;

    3.    Demonstrate financial management reflecting the ability to meet the needs of a child placed in the home;

    4.    Not have a conviction for any sex offense, offense with violence (assault), or any felony conviction.  Misdemeanor   convictions will  be        `reviewed on a case by case basis and may be a basis for denial of an  application or may require additional services such as a  risk assessment;

     5.    Be willing to sign a contract setting out the birth mother’s wishes regarding post-adoption photos and letters.


This information will be gathered through the adoptive applicants directly, through references, through a home study conducted by a licensed social worker or licensed professional counselor, and through other reasonable means.  


In addition, all prospective applicants will have to undergo a physical examination to determine their health condition.  The age of applicants is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  

Adoption Home Study



A Home Study is a report prepared by a licensed social worker or licensed professional counselor prior to a child being adopted.  It consists of a criminal background check (with fingerprints in most cases), financial review (tax returns, pay stubs), medical history check (exam, TB test, HIV test), as well as the ability of the prospective adoptive parent(s)’ ability to support a child’s physical and emotional needs.  In some cases, a 911 call search is done on the residence, a home inspection, fire inspection, reference letters are required as well as other miscellaneous forms depending on the counselor’s review of the application.




Texas Adoption:  When a child is already in the home and the family has initiated adoption proceedings.


Domestic Adoption: When a prospective family is working with an agency outside the State of Texas and is matched with a prospective birth mother/family.


Hague International:  When a prospective adoptive family is working on an international adoption with a Hague-approved agency and needs a home study completed (usually because the family resides in Texas).

Step-Parent Adoption: When a stepparent is seeking to adopt a stepchild.  These home studies are not as invasive as other adoption but still require a child abuse clearance and criminal background check.

Home Study Requirements: An adoption home study requires the following:


 1.   At least 3 face to face visits between the prospective adoptive parent(s) and the social worker or counselor.  Two visits will be in the home and one will be at the Agency’s office.


 2.  Criminal background checks (including child abuse clearance, state background check, and FBI clearance) for all persons over the age of 18 years living in the home.


 3.  Financial history (including employer letters, pay stubs, income tax returns, etc.).


 4.  Physical examination (forms are provided by the Agency to be completed by the physician).


 5.  Reference letters.


In addition, other documents and/or forms will be required of the applicants, including but not limited to health home inspection, fire inspection, floor plan, copies of all identifying documents, etc.  A list of all requirements is provided to the prospective adoptive family at the first visit.  A final evaluation of the information is made in order to determine whether the applicants meet the requirements for approval as adoptive families.



Stepparent Adoption: $450.00

Grandparent Adoption: $450.00

Pre and Post Adoptive Study: $1,000.00 (Child already in-home)

Domestic Adoption $1,500.00 (If working with another agency)



ABC Adoption Agency will conduct a home study for a family that is working with a Hague Accredited Agency on an international adoption.  The home study, upon completion, will be submitted to the accredited agency for approval.  The basic requirements listed on this website for Home Study Services will be followed.


Mileage fees are charged for families not residing in San Antonio, Texas.




ABC Adoption Agency provides post-placement supervision to families that may have adopted a child through an out-of-town agency but reside in San Antonio (or surrounding cities).  A minimum of 5 post-placement visits are normally required prior to an adoption being granted.  Post-placement reports are generated and submitted to your Agency.




ABC Adoption Agency provides home study services for stepparent adoptions.  The procedure is very similar to the home study requirements documented herein but pertains mostly to the adopting parent although the birth parent is interviewed and takes an important role in the process.

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